Our Anti-Racism Action Group has now been established. Our members are:

Isabelle Abdul-Rahim
Mohammed Barber
Natalia Bruce
Natalia Bruce
Amanda Farr
Amanda Farr
Craig Gilbert
Craig Gilbert
Sarah Kolawole
Sarah Kolawole
Sofia Nazar-Chadwick
Vice Chair Sofia Nazar-Chadwick
Adam Penford
Adam Penford
Pamela Vera
Pamela Vera

April 2022 Update

Sandeep Mahal updated the group on her new role as Leadership Associate at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The new Reporting Racism Mechanism is now live on the Playhouse website here. See the January 2022 update for more information.

We are organising a joint meeting between ARAG and the Playhouse’s Diversity in the Workforce Working Group.

The Playhouse Senior Management Team and the Board of Trustees are undergoing Anti-Racism training with Included.


January 2022 Update

The group has continued to complete research based on the workstreams mentioned in the last update.

They have also signed off a new Reporting Racism Mechanism. This is for both employees of the Playhouse and the public, and those reporting can choose to do so anonymously if they wish. The reports are received by a group consisting of Sairah Rehman (Chair of ARAG), Natalie Gasson (Chair of the Diversity in the Workplace Working Group) and Neena Sharma (Nottingham Playhouse trustee and HR specialist). This group decides on an appropriate course of action, keeping the person reporting fully updated and involved.

ARAG members have also voted to extend their membership of the group through to Summer 2022.


October 2021 Update

Members have been completing research based on their workstreams (Community Engagement/ Ethos, Culture, Learning and Development/ Sector Strategy and Engagement) and feeding back to the group.

An advisory document for reporting instances of racism is being agreed.

Extending the first year of activity from Jan 22 to Mar 22 has been proposed, to acknowledge slower working processes due to the pandemic.

A short mission statement for ARAG has been written by members:

The goal of the ARAG is to ensure Nottingham Playhouse is an actively anti-racist organisation. We are doing this by auditing the Playhouse’s current policies and strategies; consulting with a representative range of stakeholders; researching and evaluating best practice both within – and external – to the theatre sector. This work feeds in to our ultimate action: crafting and applying a set of new actively anti-racism policies that are bespoke the needs of organisation; the staff, freelancers, audiences the Playhouse engages with; and the wider communities the organisation seeks to serve. We believe in Nottingham Playhouse being a safe and welcoming space for all. Our progress is regularly reported on the Playhouse website.


May 2021 Update

The group has received Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity training.

The Anti-Racism action plan has been divided into workstreams with subgroups leading on each stream.

They have also begun to interrogate some of the existing HR polices in place at the Playhouse, such as Anti-Harassment, Bullying ​and Whistle-Blowing, and information that new employees receive.

As planned, the group have now moved from meeting every three weeks to meeting every six weeks, to allow for more work to occur between meetings.

We will continue to update this page with the group’s development.


March 2021 Update

This new working group is made up of Nottingham Playhouse staff and trustees alongside co-opted members, who were recruited through an open process.

The purpose of the group is​:

To look at the wider culture and environment at Nottingham Playhouse, and to advise the Executive team and Board of Trustees on matters of diversity, inclusion and equality, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that Nottingham Playhouse is a safe and fully representative organisation, which reflects the full breadth and richness of diversity within our community.

In the first few meetings, the group discussed and voted on the name of the group, appointed Chair Sairah Rehman, agreed the group’s Terms of Reference and have debated and amended the Anti-Racism Action Plan.

The Anti-Racism Action Group will initially run for one year (until Jan 2022) at which point the activity will be reviewed and assessed.