We provide accessible performances for all Main Stage Nottingham Playhouse Company Productions.

British Sign Language Interpreted Performances

These performances are provided for those whom British Sign Language (BSL) is their first language. The interpreter usually stands slightly in front of the stage, lit by a single spotlight and faces the front.

Captioned Performances

These performances are beneficial for those who are Deaf, hard of hearing or deafened. Captioning converts the actors’ speech into text and is presented on screens at either side of the stage. The text scrolls at the same pace as the actors speak, making it easy to follow.

Audio Enhancement

We provide Audio Enhancement for all performances in our theatre.
Audio Enhancement means that the sound on stage is amplified via a personal headset or hearing aids. People with hearing loss may need this to understand and enjoy the show.

Nottingham Playhouse uses Sennheiser’s MobileConnect platform for Audio Enhancement.

MobileConnect is a WiFi-based system. It is available through your personal device, such as your smartphone or tablet, by downloading the Sennheiser Mobile Connect app.

Download the MobileConnect app from your app store before the performance. When you arrive at Nottingham Playhouse connect to our WiFi (look out for our posters about MobileConnect for connection details, or speak to an Audience Assistant) and then you can listen to the audio stream from your own device with your own headphones or hearing aids.

If you do not have headphones to use, please speak to our Audience Assistants who can assist you.

Read our user guide below for more information.