Nottingham Playhouse provides complimentary sanitary products for visitors in all gendered and non-gendered toilet facilities. These provisions enhance the visitor experience, particularly for those experiencing period poverty, which is a very real and prominent issue in the UK.

What is period poverty?

Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints.

Research from international children’s charity Plan International UK in May 2021 revealed that more than a third of girls aged 14-21 in the UK have struggled to afford or access period products during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Half of the 1 million girls did not have enough money to buy period products at all at some point over the past year. Three quarters of those had to use toilet paper as an alternative to period products like pads.

Of the girls who found it difficult to afford period products but were able to buy them, some girls said they had to cut back on other essential items like food (30%), hygiene products like soap or toothpaste (23%) and clothing (39%).


Why providing free period products is important

Source: Hey Girls charity

Increasing access to period products is really important. Free products can keep young people in school, improve concentration, encourage participation, and support good health. They prevent people having to make dehumanising choices – to wear the wrong product, or a worse quality product, or to wear a product for longer than is hygienic or safe.

Access to period products is a right, not a privilege. Free products not only help end period poverty, they promote equality. It is overwhelmingly women and girls who have to bear the cost for a biological process that they cannot control.

As well as supporting young people on low-incomes, free period products give peace of mind to everyone who has periods. The knowledge that products are there in case you forget them, or start unexpectedly, can be very reassuring. Providing free products ensures all people can menstruate with dignity.



We are seeking a sponsor to continue running our campaign against period poverty. £2500 would provide enough complimentary sanitary products at Nottingham Playhouse for a year, as well as cover the cost of disposal. If you would be interested in sponsoring this essential and meaningful project, please contact us via