Some of you may remember earlier this year there was an offer for Amplify artists to join a day long carbon literacy training course in person, to receive training alongside Nottingham Playhouse staff.  Some of you fed back that it would be easier to attend if it were online, so that’s what we’re doing. I’ll be running Carbon Literacy Training over two half days, over zoom.  After attendance at the course (both parts) and submission of your action plan to the Carbon Literacy Trust (CLT), you will be certified by the CLT, subject to your action plan meeting their standards.  Costs of the course and certification will be covered by Nottingham Playhouse.

Carbon Literacy® is relevant climate change learning that leads to positivity and action towards reducing carbon emissions. The Carbon Literacy Project works to provide you with access to this learning so that you can become certified as Carbon Literate.

The Project’s published definition of Carbon Literacy is:

“An awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis.”

More than just small personal changes, Carbon Literacy highlights the need for substantial change and supports you, as an individual, to have a cascade effect on a much wider audience – whether it’s in your workplace, community, school, university, place of worship, or another setting.

A Carbon Literate citizen understands how climate change will affect them and the people around them, both geographically and sectorally. A Carbon Literate citizen has acquired the knowledge and skills to develop their own responses to lowering their carbon footprint, and the carbon footprint of others, whilst having the confidence to share their Carbon Literacy.

Carbon Literacy is a desirable asset for any employer. A Carbon Literate citizen will display compassion for the environment, their health and the health of those around them. This makes them directly more employable.

Certification is awarded following the successful completion of an approved Carbon Literacy course whereby each learner is awarded a uniquely-coded Carbon Literacy certificate to reference that achievement.

A Carbon Literacy course covers:

·         The science behind climate change

·         Social equity & climate change

·         What you can do to act on climate change

·         Strategies and skills for communicating action on climate change

We also touch upon the Theatre Green book.

Sessions will run 10.30 – 1pm (with a break in each session) on 13 and 14 December, and you must attend both sessions in full AND complete and submit your action plan in order to receive certification.

Deadline for submission of action plans is 15 January, certification will be confirmed (assuming action plans meet CLT standards) by the end of February. 

This event is only open to Amplify members. To book onto the event, please log in to your Nottingham Playhouse account.