The tall and unannounced Maine man appears
in a seemingly ordinary 1960’s English living room.
He is the high chaperone and bringer of a grandmother
who has not seen her stamp-collecting son for decades;
her grandchildren, never.
His reuniting job done, this curious visitor hands the children each a ten-dollar bill
says his goodbyes and is gone – off up the suburban street, into the evening
and perhaps a hotel in the town centre
on his horse.
(A hobby horse, in fact, given him by one of the children)

Festival and radio regular John Hegley returns with a story of family, fantasy, love, loss – and the long unseen son’s stamp album. A Caravaggio and a wry dry stone-waller are also thrown into the mixture. The show contains a good deal of yet-to-be-published material alongside some back catalogue favourites.

Devised for adults but not unsuitable for the odd nine-year-old. Drawings will be provided. But not biscuits.

‘Let me tell you what my Pop said to me, Ma’am,
“Depression?.. Get over it! America had to.”

“a lovely show of stories, music, poetry and silliness”
4 rating
British Theatre Guide on John’s previous show Biscuit of Destiny
“Just because he is one of the funniest men alive, do not underestimate his dedicated gentleness”
Adrian Mitchell, The New Statesman