We offer a variety of fun and engaging workshops all year round. These can be delivered at your school or Nottingham Playhouse, at competitive prices.

Physical Theatre

This practical workshop explores how to create theatre that doesn’t rely only on words. Students will explore ensemble and movement techniques, and learn how to express thoughts, ideas and whole stories through predominantly visual means.

Devising Theatre

This practical workshop explores how groups can create their own performances, without relying on a writer. Using collaborative approaches, stimulating starting points and improvising, students will create a short piece of drama.


This practical workshop will explore techniques intended to free the creativity of the students and help them to become effective and collaborative improvisers.

Performing Shakespeare

Using an ensemble approach to explore character, motivation, themes and ideas, language and the plays in performance, we encourage participants to experience the play on their feet, to read the words actively and to articulate their discoveries confidently.

How to Arrange a Workshop

Please complete the below enquiry form and return to schoolbookings@nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk

If the workshop you would like is not on this list, get in touch to see if there’s something we can design especially for your young people.

We are keen to work with disabled children both within SEND education and other settings, and can offer tailored workshops run by highly experienced practitioners.