Nottinghamshire, 1983. Two 16 year olds wait nervously at the pithead. Guided by a veteran miner, they descend into the brotherhood, banter, searing heat and liquid blue light of Welbeck Colliery.

Meanwhile in London, an American CEO known as The Butcher is brought in to reform King Coal. Pits close and a strike is called.

A Tory MP tussles with his leader’s hard line ideology, whilst an eccentric dandy is sent undercover to break up the strike. Cracks appear on all sides as the embattled miners are torn apart trying to protect their livelihoods and families. Nothing will be the same again.

Wonderland is a regional premiere, a spirited and uplifting drama written by the daughter of a Nottingham miner. Expect grim humour and tension from Adam Penford’s first play as Artistic Director in this gripping 360° look at the events leading up to and during the miner’s strike.

Age Guidance: Suitable for ages 14+. Contains strong language and some nudity.


Chris Ashby
Malcolm Chris Ashby
Jamie Beamish
David Hart/Mr Bishop/Chief of Metropolitan Police Jamie Beamish
Tony Bell
Bobbo Tony Bell
Robin Bowerman
Ian MacGregor Robin Bowerman
Matthew Cottle
Peter Walker Matthew Cottle
Joshua Glenister
Jimmy Joshua Glenister
Harry Hepple
Spud Harry Hepple
Nicholas Khan
Tilsley/Nicholas Ridley/Milton Friedman/Security Guard/Chief of Metropolitan Police Nicholas Khan
Jack Quarton
Fanny Jack Quarton
Deka Walmsley
Colonel Deka Walmsley


Writer Beth Steel
Director Adam Penford
Designer Morgan Large
Lighting Designer Jack Knowles
Composer/Sound Designer Jon Nicholls
Movement Director Naomi Said
Voice Coach Kay Welch
Casting Directors Sarah Bird CDG and Vicky Richardson
Dance Captain Jamie Beamish
Singing Captain Jack Quarton


“This is a big play, ambitious in the way it melds the public and the private, full of heart and very little sentimentality.”
4 rating
The Guardian
“Powerful, pertinent drama”
4 rating
The Stage
“Exceptional programming from Nottingham’s new Artistic Director Adam Penford”
4 rating