Join us for a afternoon celebrating work created by women. All three shows are work-in-progress performances.

All three shows will take place in a Relaxed Environment*.

that face should form another

by Francesca Hess

“‘they f**k you up, your mum and dad!’ y’know…that poem”

Kate is #livingherbestlife. She’s still in her twenties, the party is going strong and thankfully she’s NOTHING like her mother…

But as her 30th birthday rapidly approaches, reality distorts. Memories collide. 00’s bangers play. And Kate is forced to make a life changing decision.
that face should form another (WIP) is an intoxicating new play about motherhood, malibu and the ties that bind. A story for anyone who’s scared of growing babies, growing up or turning into their parents.

(Triggers and advisories: This show contains swearing and themes of alcoholism, abortion, and pregnancy.)

The King Stone

by Charlotte East. Directed by Hannah Stone

What is home? For Phil it’s the stars – they’re safe, out of reach and always reliable. For Kristen this place is just a house, she wants more!

Forever connected in their search for a mysterious figure said to wander the peaks, the couple meet every Sunday over 20 years .In a town where ‘Man-Up’ is a term of endearment, can these star-crossed lovers let go of expectation and find their true sense of home?

(Triggers and advisories: Some strong language; Explores themes of mental health, suicide, and rape.)


By Imogen Joyce

Produced by Dandy Lion

DYS is about waking up and finding everyone lied about who you are. DYS is about fairy tales, musicals, and magical powers no one talks about. DYS is about dyslexia, and how bloody brilliant it is!

Dandy Lion is a new musical theatre company for and about the neurodiverse. DYS is our first production.

(Triggers and advisories: Contains adult themes.)


* Relaxed Environment performances are open to all audience members, and can be useful for those with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorder, learning disability, and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment. For Relaxed Environment performances, there won’t be any changes to the show itself but movement in and out of the auditorium is allowed, there is less emphasis on the audience being quiet during the performance, and there will be a separate chill-out room for any audience members that require it.