There’s an old habit of telling the bees of life’s precious moments and a gift for hearing what they have to say…

This performance storytelling and live music show is a set of interlinked stories inspired by folk tales, true life accounts and encounters with bees both in folklore and the natural world. It is about travelling forward, hope, and life whilst still remembering those that have gone before. It is lively, funny and thought provoking.

Expect shapeshifting magic, wise women, and bee lore, nature imagery, beautiful
soundscapes and enchanting words. It is a marvellous, magical yet believable world where you will find a lad on a path he cannot escape, a fox with a tale and a king bound by his beard. While on an island a young woman spits charms at the raging sea. How can they all become free?

The soaring melodies and warm earthy harmonies of the music combine with lively physical performance and rich spoken word imagery that engages and transports audiences who have said that Tell It To The Bees is : “visually captivating” with an “exquisite alchemy in the way that space, movement, story, music and persona come together” and that the “haunting wind music, energetic storytelling and the powerful presence of the Hive brings the story vividly to life”


This show will take place in a Relaxed Environment*.


Relaxed Environment performances are open to all audience members, and can be useful for those with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorder, learning disability, and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment. For Relaxed Environment performances, there won’t be any changes to the show itself but movement in and out of the auditorium is allowed, there is less emphasis on the audience being quiet during the performance, and there will be a separate chill-out room for any audience members that require it.