‘Saved is not a play for children, but it is for grown-ups and the grown-ups of this country should have the courage to look at it’ – Laurence Olivier for the Observer

Shocking to audiences in the Royal Court Theatre in 1965, and initially banned by the Lord Chamberlain because of its uncompromising and gritty portrayal of the struggles of the young working class in London; Edward Bond’s ground-breaking play still has the ability to unsettle. Rewritten by the author for this production performed by NTU Drama Society, the play depicts the lives of Len and Pam in a society in the midst of generational change. The play is disturbing, but is ultimately optimistic, showing the warmth and resilience of the family in the face of their daily struggles. Although it may appear a period piece, the story and the relationships portrayed in the play are as fresh and as relevant today as they were when it was originally performed.