A double bill of shows inspired by the Restoration period.

Both of these shows will take place in a Relaxed Environment*


A play with songs by Annabelle Terry, directed by Ellie Hurt

Who was the first woman to perform on the English stage? What’s her name? And why don’t we know it?

In 1660 a woman appeared onstage as Desdemona in Shakespeare’s Othello.

In 2023 a woman appears onstage wondering who she was.

Join a group of actors-turned-restoration-players as past meets present and they attempt to re-write history this mystery.

This work in progress features original music and a mixture of fact and imagined dialogue, all inspired by the woman without a name who rose to fame.

(Triggers and advisories: strong language and themes of misogyny)

The 17th Century Show

Three comedic monologues with musical interactivity by Adam and Mark Nightingale

What happens when you make King Charles II really, really, angry? How can you tell if someone is trying to sell you a dodgy sword? Was the Witch-Finder General secretly a really, really nice guy? Could you go on a hot date with Oliver Cromwell? Then spend a highly entertaining evening in the company of master storyteller Adam Nightingale and his belligerent companion Marco the Musician = and find out the answers to these troubling and timely questions.

(Triggers and advisories: Some strong language; There are some descriptions of historic executions and details of how suspected witches were interrogated and executed.)


* Relaxed Environment performances are open to all audience members, and can be useful for those with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorder, learning disability, and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment. For Relaxed Environment performances, there won’t be any changes to the show itself but movement in and out of the auditorium is allowed, there is less emphasis on the audience being quiet during the performance, and there will be a separate chill-out room for any audience members that require it.