“Didn’t it ever occur to you that I might have wanted to die with you. Because I did. I never wanted to live without you.”

1930s Germany: a young Jewish girl flees Nazi persecution on a train bound for England. Finding herself in a strange country and unable to speak the language, she must shed her past in order to survive an uncertain future.

1980s England: a woman sifts through the attic as she prepares for her daughter to leave home. Memories are unearthed among the boxes and questions must be answered about a life long-buried.

In this 80th anniversary year, this timely revival tackles the story of thousands of Jewish child refugees who were separated from their parents and uprooted from Europe to England during World War II. With the current crisis in the US and hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied child refugees across the world, Kindertransport asks pertinent questions about our responsibility to those in need right now.


We provide British Sign Language Interpretation, Captioning and Audio Description for this production.

Everyone is welcome to attend accessible performances, customers experience the full show including the accessible services.


Denise Black
Lil Denise Black
Elena Breschi
Faith Elena Breschi
Rebecca D’Souza
Helga Rebecca D’Souza
Cate Hamer
Evelyn Cate Hamer
Patrick Osborne
The Ratcatcher Patrick Osborne
Jenny Walser
Eva Jenny Walser


Writer Diane Samuels
Director Fiona Buffini
Designer Madeleine Girling
Lighting Designer Alexandra Stafford
Composer/Sound Designer Jon Nicholls
Casting Director Stuart Burt CDG