Our economy has tanked, our freedoms are shrinking, and social divisions are growing.

Our politicians seem most interested in their own careers, and much of the media only make things worse. We are living in a country almost unrecognisable from the one that existed a decade ago. But whose fault is it really? Who broke Britain and how did they do it?

In his forthcoming book, ‘How They Broke Britain’, LBC’s James O’Brien discusses the shady network of influence that has created a broken Britain of strikes, shortages and scandals. He maps the web connecting dark think tanks to Downing Street, the journalists complicit in selling it to the public and the media bosses pushing their own agendas.

Taking this conversation on tour, one of the UK’s most popular talk radio hosts will discuss how a select few have conspired – sometimes by incompetence, sometimes by design – to bring Britain to its knees.

The show will also include an audience Q&A and book signing.

How They Broke Britain will be published on 2 November by WH Allen, Penguin Random House.