The 2018 theatrical version of the multi-award-winning novel by Louis Sachar that went on to be a big screen smash-hit.

Starring Kacey Ainsworth (Little Mo in EastEndersGrantchester) and John Elkington (Cinderella, The Cherry Orchard, Forever Young, Noises Off).

Stanley Yelnats can’t catch a break. Born into a family cursed with bad luck, it comes as no surprise when he finds himself accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

Sent to a labour camp as punishment, he is tasked with digging one hole, five foot wide by five foot deep, every day. He’s told it is to build ‘character’. But the tyrannical Warden is definitely hiding something. How will Stanley and his fellow inmates deal with her demands, her two cronies, plus the fearsome rattlesnakes and yellow-spotted lizards?

And will Stanley and his new friends unearth what’s really going on?

Expect live music, scary puppets and breath-taking scenery. This off-beat and quirky adventure romp is perfect for adults and children aged 8 and up.


Kacey Ainsworth
The Warden/Madam Zeroni/Mrs Collingwood/Linda Walker Kacey Ainsworth
John Elkington
Mr Sir/Judge/Igor Barkov/Sherriff John Elkington
Stanley Yelnats Chris Ashby
X-Ray Anmar Duffus
Stanley’s Dad/Mr Pendanski/Trout Walker/Elya Edward Harrison
Magnet Safiyya Ingar
Sam/Policeman/Myra’s Father/Tough Kid/Attorney General Greg Lockett
Zero Pepter Lunkuse
Armpit Henry Mettle
‘Kissing’ Kate Hardwick/Stanley’s Mom/Myra/Sarah/Ms Morengo Elizabeth Twells


Writer Louis Sachar
Director Adam Penford
Designer Simon Kenny
Lighting Designer Prema Mehta
Sound Designer Adam P McCready
Composer/MD Tom Attwood
Puppet Director & Co-Designer Matthew Forbes
Choreographer Emma Annetts
Video Designer Duncan McLean
Casting Director Sarah Bird CDG
Casting Director Vicky Richardson