Experience Nottingham’s most exciting spoken-word talent.

As featured by We Out Here Festival and BBC Sounds.

Free EARTH anthology included in your ticket price.

A heron lands among seashells; her rusty compass swings west…

Welcome to EARTH – the brand-new GOBS Collective Showcase curated by Nottingham’s finest poets, co-directed by Cara Thompson and Bridie Squires, with movement direction from John Berkavitch. These artists have built work from the ground up, bringing individual stories together to create this journey through softness, hardship and magic – Earth. Developed in partnership with Apples and Snakes, with support from Nottingham Central Library and Nottingham Playhouse.

Founded in 2020, Nottingham adult spoken-word collective GOBS host poetry performances, workshops, events, book clubs, masterclasses and education programmes, meeting on a quarterly basis with various projects and opportunities rolling out throughout the year. Previously funded by Arts Council England, GOBS have performed alongside Yomi Sode, Randolph Matthews, Casey Bailey, and Debris Stevenson, and have featured on Notts TV, BBC Radio Nottingham and BBC Sounds.


Bridie Squires
Cara Thompson
Cassie Bradley
Davina Songbird
Caetano Capurro
Emma Price
Beth Parker
Johnny Hughes
Ruth Singleton
Rachelle Foster
Sarah Wheatley
Marjie Griffiths
Jennifer Brough
Rehannah Mian
Bridget Leadbeater

Built in partnership with Apples and Snakes, supported by Nottingham Central Library and Nottingham Playhouse.