FAMEHUNGRY is a helter-skelter nose-dive into the TikTok universe, the attention economy, and what it means to be an artist now.

Fusing performance art and very real and very live TikTok Experiences, join award-winning performance artist Louise Orwin as she cosplays as a TikToker in a real life experiment hunting for fame and fortune.

Made in collaboration with an actual famous TikToker, The Almighty Algorithm, and a host of TikTok-Famous Faces, FAMEHUNGRY asks what the future looks like if all roads lead to TikTok.

FAMEHUNGRY is made with support by Arts Council England, The Space, Colchester Arts Centre, The Place, Pleasance, Theatre Deli and BAC.  Made in partnership with Dr. Amy Orben, University of Cambridge.

“An incredible watch - uncomfortable, uncanny, whilst also being incredibly funny”
Ellie Simpson, Pleasance
“This timely performance tackles important questions on artistry, technology, and generational difference”
Robin Deacon, Artistic Director, SPILL Festival