Michelle allows us to share in her unique and moving story.

A story of adoption, identity, the search for ‘self’ and a yearning to connect with any shared past and present genetic flesh and blood. – This gives us a window into the journey she embarked upon, in an attempt to trace her birth relatives. This fascinating quest transformed her tattered adoption papers from being an almost fictional narrative, into real people, with real names, each having their own very real and individual lives and stories that add to their collective jigsaw puzzle.

It’s complicated, it’s mixed, it’s multi-layered, with twists and turns. It opens up secrets, then releases balloons and party poppers. It’s actually quite unbelievable to be honest! There’s tears and laughter. There’s magic and surprises. Frustration and elation. There’s questions and answers, and more questions … and they still can’t believe it ever happened, even now! So how and where exactly did they find each other? It’s hard to know where to begin, but, here goes … Join Michelle Mother Hubbard in conversation with the first blood relative she ever managed to miraculously trace: her sister, Dawn, as they recollect the moment they met, and beyond.



Nottingham based Michelle Mother Hubbard is a self employed Poet, Writer, Story-weaver, African drummer, Workshop facilitator, Public speaker, and Creative practitioner. Her work addresses many themes including identity, diversity, adoption and family, herstory, heritage and culture, self empowerment and celebration. She enjoys using creative arts to break down barriers, redress stereotypes, bring people together, and raise awareness.  Co-founder and host of Blackdrop open mic spoken word nights. She has self published two collections of poetry (‘The Tapestry of a Black Woman’, and ‘The Irish-Jamaican’), and her work is included in a variety of anthologies.

Insta: @themotherH

Facebook: Michelle Mother Hubbard