Every four minutes in Britain another household becomes homeless. 

In reaction to this, the Nottingham Playhouse is hosting, for one night only, a multi-sensory art exhibition.

The art will also be auctioned off on an online silent auction, so if you can not attend the exhibition you still have a chance of getting your hands on some the artists incredible work!

The exhibition features work from barbers, graphic designers, rough sleepers and children all who have been affected by homelessness.

100% of profits will be used to the charities Emmanuel House and Streetwise and supporting our artists directly.

I recently attended a primary school, to do a workshop with just the children that had experiences with unstable living. I was expecting 3 maybe 5 kids. There were 15 kids in that class. Some of them had been moved from hotel to hotel and some of them had actually slept on the streets of this very city.

As part of the exhibition we getting them to draw what they want for Christmas. With the funds raised we hope to get enough to buy them their gifts.

If we don’t get enough for their item we will give them something similar, suggestions of popular kids toys are welcome!

I’m excited to show you all what we’ve put together.

Pre-register for the online auction here. We ship anywhere in the UK!