“Who forms the majority? The wise or the foolish?”

Starring Alex Kingston as Dr Stockmann (Doctor Who, ER, Moll Flanders) and 2019 Olivier Award-nominee Malcolm Sinclair as Mayor Peter Mattsson.

When Dr Stockmann discovers the town’s famous spa waters are poisoned, she presumes she’ll be treated as a hero for saving the community from disaster. Instead she’s accused by the mayor of threatening the town’s livelihood. Public and media opinion is soon swayed and the community becomes split into factions.

Would you make a stand, even if it led to your family’s social isolation? And when does a moral campaign tip into ego-driven martyrdom?

A timely and gripping play about fake news, whistle-blowers and the corruption of power which challenges both personal and global politics.

This updated version from acclaimed playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz will be directed by Adam Penford (Wonderland, The Madness of George III) and offers a fresh and contemporary look at Henrik Ibsen’s classic drama.


We provide British Sign Language Interpretation, Captioning and Audio Description for this production.

Everyone is welcome to attend accessible performances, customers experience the full show including the accessible services.


Dr Teresa Stockmann Alex Kingston
Mayor Peter Mattsson Malcolm Sinclair
Christopher Stockmann Deka Walmsley
Petra Donna Banya
Morten Kiil Richard Evans
Ulrika Hovstad Emma Pallant
Billing Jordan Peters
Horster Karl Haynes
Aslaksen Tim Samuels
Drunk Daniel Fitzpatrick
Team Bergen Ensemble Michelle Bland, Elliot Briffa, Sophie Collier, Cody Harrison, Hazel Mapperley, Clare Moss, Laura Reeve, Samantha Whitworth
Team Oslo Ensemble Lottie Bluewater, Richard Brown, Gillian Cresswell, Kali Dennett, Emily Hallam, Rachel Hamilton, Abigail Hart, Edward Jones


Writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz
Director Adam Penford
Designer Morgan Large
Lighting Designer Tina MacHugh
Composer Frans Bak
Sound Designer Drew Baumohl
Casting Director Ginny Schiller CDG