An evening to celebrate the end of Amplify Festival 2023.

This show will take place in a Relaxed Environment*.



Lend Me Your QuEar

by Lottie Manning 

Lend me your QuEar is a solo show created and performed by Lottie Manning. It explores ideas of Queer Utopia through layering disciplines such as spoken word, lip-sync, music, movement and more to create an audibly and visually textured piece. You may find yourself becoming a plant, attending a tea party, in the toilet of a queer night club or being visited by a drag king. Lend me your QuEar asks you to join Lottie in a celebration and investigation of past, present and future Queer Utopias and requests you indulge, for just a moment (and hopefully a lifetime) in Queer Joy.

(Triggers and advisories: Swearing, innuendo, sexual references and QUEER JOY!)

My Dad Wears a Dress

By Maria Telnikoff

A one-woman show about growing up with a trans-female parent, written and performed by Maria Telnikoff. Based on personal experience, My Dad Wears A Dress follows a girl’s journey from childhood to youth navigating a world in which all the other dads she knows are men. Filled with hilarious tales from her school days (from toilet mishaps to failed Valentine’s day confessions), it shows the difficulties of fitting in as a young person and the fears we feel about being labelled as “outside the box”. Brimming with life and sincerity, the play challenges a world of heteronormative values, from the struggles of buying a Father’s Day card to the questions raised describing one’s family in a French lesson. Offie nominated, winner of FUSE Festival’s Best Fringe Show and long listed for Brighton Fringe’s Award for Excellence.

“Heart-warming, funny and honest”
5 rating
Centre Stage
“An absolute delight”
5 rating
British Theatre
“An absolute gem of a show”
5 rating
Broadway World

Relaxed Environment performances are open to all audience members, and can be useful for those with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorder, learning disability, and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment. For Relaxed Environment performances, there won’t be any changes to the show itself but movement in and out of the auditorium is allowed, there is less emphasis on the audience being quiet during the performance, and there will be a separate chill-out room for any audience members that require it.